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We have become the innovative and reliable teak wood manufacturer not only because we are a forerunner of meshing traditional woodwork with sophisticated technology to perfection, but also because, as an environmentally-conscious company, we have been lawfully obtaining teak lumber from government-controlled and replanted forest resources for our products.

Through the blend of traditional woodwork and hight technology artwork, our classic teak products are engraved by Laser technology to create a unique and special merchandise. This can readily satisfy the increasing demand for the "Hight Tech" look. To complete workmanship, all of our teak products are finished with a meticulous process of hand-sanding and lacquering, The product is first sealed, then hand-saned. At least three coats of lacquer are then applied with hand-sanding in between each coat. This process results in a rich and distinctively lustrous natural wood grain finish to ensure our finest craftsmanship.